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Emily Ratajkowski


"I don’t care, I don’t give a damn."

My new favorite song lmaoooo


by Blumabell

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Anonymous asked: why do you have ads when you can just get a student loan to help pay for your education?


I’m planning on attending Duke University which costs $45,000+ per year. Each time you click the ad on my blog and click on 7 different links you support my college fund. I don’t plan on getting a student loan because it is a trap to get people in debt after college. Please understand that I already have a job and what I’m asking is a favor, not mandatory. This would really help thanks so much <3

I like how the anon said “why don’t you JUST get a student loan?”


Kids, please do your research. Taking out loans for school is serious business and YOU CANNOT DEFAULT ON THESE LOANS. They will let you take out as much money as you need for school and charge you interest until you die. For some people who go to relatively affordable schools and also have EFCs between $0 and $1000, they are lucky to get into about $30,000 or less in debt over four years, and for others, they may finish their educations with over $250,000 in debt.

And don’t forget about that interest.

We are made to believe that education is a must if you want to be successful, and there was a time where a college education did better your chances of having a good job and financial stability. Now, a college degree means almost as much as a high school diploma: you need it for people to take you seriously, but people expect a lot more now. A lot of industries expect you to have graduate school educations just to get your foot in the door. Education in the United States is a racket, but when you get to the post secondary institutional level where you have to pay regardless of if you go to a public or private school, your life can get really fucked up really quickly.

And it only takes four years.


He be knowinnnnnnn

Raise your hand if you are horny even when you shouldnt be .

I can’t. My hand is preoccupied.

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